Dhiraj Singh

Dhiraj Singh


“MIT-World Peace University’s School of Media & Journalism is a SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE that aims to provide its students a rich and varied experience of the world of communication and ideas.

Our mantra for our students is to become professionals primed to take on the challenges of the professional world with a high Emotional Quotient and social awareness. Towards this end we organize a plethora of events and activities such as guest lectures, invited talks, tours, yoga sessions and immersion programmes that ensure MIT-WPU students get a 360 VIEW OF THE WORLD.

We also encourage our students to have an INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH to their academic pursuit. The School of Media & Journalism sees itself as a catalyst in shaping young journalists, editors, policymakers & media leaders of tomorrow. It aims for its students to achieve positions of INFLUENCE and EXPERTISE in whichever sphere of communication that they choose. We want our students to become FIRST-RATE PROFESSIONALS, adept at facing the unique challenges of the 21 st century.

The BA Journalism & Mass Communication and MA Journalism & Mass Communication programmes are unique because they are aimed at creating GLOBAL MEDIA LEADERS who are connected to their industry peers and seniors. Our programmes enable students to become leaders in various fields of communication. In a short time, MIT-World Peace University’s School of Media & Journalism has made for itself a name in the field of JOURNALISM, BROADCASTING, RADIO, ADVERTISING, PR and BRANDING. In the years to come, I along with my able and committed faculty hope to take our School of Media & Journalism to even greater heights.”